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I am a Connecticut Photographer specializing in empowering women through the art of Boudoir Photography. Let me show you the Goddess you’ve been hiding inside you all this time.

Refer a friend, earn $50

A private, empowering, confidence-boosting photoshoot is worth more then money can buy. I am so proud to offer a referral program that makes a Boudie Call Experience attainable for you, your friends, your family, your neighbor and anyone you might know!

How It Works

Connecticut photographer

Past & Current Clients

Earn a $50 credit for EACH friend or family member who uses your unique referral code to book their session! You can apply your earned credits toward your payment plan, buy additional products from your session, or spend them on your next session fee or product purchase. There is NO LIMIT to how many you can earn. Want to come back for another shoot? Use your OWN referral code and enjoy the benefits of being both the referrer and the recipient.

boudoir photographers ct

New Clients

Know someone I’ve photographed? Ask for their unique referral code! By using the code, you can save 25% off your session fee when you reserve your date! You can begin earning your own referral credits the moment you’re booked with BOUDIE CALLS. This is a smart way to save on your product purchase at the end of your session!

The Rules

Know someone who knows someone?

Email me for your unique referral code so you can share it with your friends!


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Boudoir Photographers CT

We love referrals! Through this referral program, Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio grants special discounts to customers who help spread the word about us. We offer this discount to a client when they refer us successfully! In such cases, we grant the client a credit of $50 in exchange for this recommendation. Since we offer all kinds of photography services including maternity and couple shoots, you too can refer us to any of your friends for any occasion.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to book a session! Feeling down or gloomy, just got a beautiful new hair style and want to show it off, book a session with us! Through this referral program of Boudoir Photography CT, you will not only gain a special credit but your friends will also get to experience a photography session with one of our best photographers. Our exemplary services are not limited to just one area since this Connecticut photographer can go above and beyond in creating images that portray one look in a thousand different ways.

boudoir photography ct
boudoir photographers ct

We are always looking forward to welcoming you with open arms and impressing you with our top-notch photography skills. In this referral program, the new party will also have 25% of their fee waived by the end of a session. Through this program, any potential user who books us will not only gain the services of this highly expert, but also have a chance of getting discounts by running their code.


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CT Boudoir Photography Referral

If you have booked a shoot with us or know someone who did, there are still a few things to check to ensure that a person is eligible for a discount. If a client booked an appointment under your referral code and ends up canceling it at the last moment, it will also render you ineligible for the referral credit. If a client demands payment or remuneration against the credit earned through referral, as per the Boudie Calls policy, the company will not approve of this.

Contrary to the mentioned scenarios, our referral programs are a great way to get money off for anyone interested! If all the requirements are fulfilled then you will receive Boudoir Photographer CT services at a discounted price!

Boudoir Photography CT

Experience yourself like NEVER before.