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I am a Connecticut Photographer specializing in empowering women through the art of Boudoir Photography. Let me show you the Goddess you’ve been hiding inside you all this time.

The Process

Boudoir Photographers CT

An Experience Catered To You

Our lives always seem to revolve around caring for someone other than ourselves. You are important. It’s time to take a day to reconnect with your heart and soul and be reminded of the gorgeous, powerful woman you are.

Boudoir Photography is about creating images that are unique to you as a person. We will sit down and chat about your ideas and dreams for your session to make sure the feel of your boudoir session represents you at this time in your life.

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

boudoir photographer ct

Our first contact is over the phone where you’ll have a 15 minute no obligation consultation with me! I will go over the process in detail and answer any questions you might have. I want to make sure your boudoir session is everything you want and more!

After this, you’ll be free to book your shoot if you’d like.

Once we’ve booked your shoot, we’ll schedule a date for your planning meeting. This can be over the phone, video chat or in person. We’ll talk through what outfits to pull from your closet and which you might want to splurge on. We will go through items in my client closet and pick the perfect outfits, accessories and sets for your big day!

There might be some nerves before we get started but once you see yourself all dolled up after your makeover, you’ll be ready to get into that first outfit.

Then 7-10 days after your shoot, you’ll come back to the studio to see those gorgeous photographs and
choose the ones you love!

CT Boudoir Photography

Our skilled team consists of some of the best photographers in CT. We use professional grade cameras and lighting to highlight and hug your best features. We are trained specifically in boudoir photography, and how to make you feel sexy in your skin. We guide you through everything to ensure that you love the end result.

We work with models, mothers-to-be, and couples looking for an intimate gift to give to their partners or for the experience to be photographed together. We even offer boudoir photography RI services! Our photographs draw a fine line between nudity and sexuality, and we compose pictures that are not only intimate and sensual, but also empowering.

boudoir photographer in ct

Stripping in front of a camera and showing off your bare skin can be intimidating. That’s why we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Want to keep your clothes on and be shot in high socks and a long sweater? Let’s do it, I can make that look sexy too! We offer a diversified range of photoshoot services, from maternity photography CT services to intimate couple photoshoots that make you feel closer to your partner.

We make sure you are comfortable by guiding you through every step and teaching you how to do all the crazy poses to show off all your best features. Our photographer will even demonstrate the pose for you first! From giving wardrobe advice to hyping you up, we do our best to ensure that the experience is something you will remember and cherish for years to come!

When at our studio, we want you to feel safe and comfortable without any hesitance. We walk our clients through every step of the process to ensure you know what to expect. We usually have 3-5 wardrobe changes, and encourage you to bring a well fitting set to ensure fitment, but you also have access to our extensive size inclusive client wardrobe! This wardrobe is filled with lots of choices from gorgeous body suits to sparkly body jewelry and ranges in sizes from XS through 4X and is available to you for every session


We eliminate the typical beauty standards set by society and showcase you in ways that not only make you fall in love with your body, but also help you see just how normal and beautiful things we’ve been told aren’t really are. We promote self-acceptance and empowerment through our photographs that capture the true beauty of a woman. Our team consists of one of the most skilled boudoir photographers in CT who excels in capturing your beauty. We want to show you exactly how stunning you are in all your imperfections and we do just that through our sessions.


Worried about the safety and privacy of your photos? We will not allow your pictures to be seen by others or distribute them in anyway without your permission. Your comfort and your privacy are our top priority.

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Find Yourself With Me

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boudoir photographers ct
Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio

Boudoir Photographers CT

Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio aims to create a safe space for women to explore their inner goddesses because every woman deserves to feel confident within their bodies and skin. As the biggest advocates of self-confidence and body positivity, we thrive on creating a safe environment where women can feel safe and confident within their skin. After getting started with us, you can rest assured that you will get the best boudoir experience and are unlikely to find anyplace else.

Whether you’re a model looking for one of the best boudoir photographers CT is home to, a mother-to-be looking for a maternity photographer who would show you just how beautiful your body is with all the changes it’s been going through, or even if you simply want to give your partner a sensual surprise, Boudie Calls has got you covered!

Experience yourself like NEVER before.

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