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I am a Connecticut Photographer specializing in empowering women through the art of Boudoir Photography. Let me show you the Goddess you’ve been hiding inside you all this time.

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If you have questions or would like to sign up for a call, contact us today! We can’t wait to meet you and help you discover your inner goddess.

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Brittany - Photographer

Hey there, Nice to meet you! I am Brittany. I have been taking pictures for about 6 years, but what I do is so much more then just take pictures. I empower you. I teach you how to embrace yourself exactly as you are. I help you see what you may forget to look at on a day to day basis. I will help you find strength you never thought you had.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you create an amazing experience.

Bri - Make-Up Artist

Bri is Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio’s own hair and makeup Artist. When you book an experience with me, you will get pampered and it all starts with hair and makeup. Bri is an experienced Makeup artist. Before she took on head of beauty here at Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio, she specialized in Pin-up and special effects makeup and even is a professional pin-up model herself. She follows all CDC guidelines and you are in GREAT hands with her!

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boudoir photographers ct

Alexis - Right Hand Woman

This absolute babe is a mother of 2 (if you can believe that) and my very best friend. Alexis is my right hand woman. She will be at some sessions to shoot some behind the scenes footage (if you consent to it) hype your ass up and overall help keep everything in order.


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We are a unique photography company offering Boudoir photography RI services in addition to CT and even boudoir photography MA services! We believe every woman deserves the chance to be pampered and coached to find strength they didn’t know they had! This is why we offer our services to as many women as possible.  Call us today and let us give you an experience you’ll never forget!!

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Through the sincere and arduous efforts of our team, what once started as a small business is now emerging as a well-known brand. Regardless of our newly found recognition, your experience with us is most important and we focus on your happiness at all times. In fact, this further motivates us to keep striving for perfection by adding new scenes and services. Boudie Calls Boudoir aims to create a safe space for women to explore their inner goddesses because every woman deserves to feel confident within their bodies and skin. 

Our products are just as important to us as our services. We use only the highest quality materials and suppliers to ensure you LOVE your products! Quality in every aspect is important to us and essential to what we do. We will not compromise on this for any reason. 

From maternity photography to couple shoots, and individual sessions, we are your one-stop spot for all your boudoir photography needs. Do not wait for a special occasion to book your shoot with us as we are ready to cater to you in any situation. Whether for a specific reason or just to practice a bit of self-love, you will find us at your service.

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Experience yourself like NEVER before.