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I am a Connecticut Photographer specializing in empowering women through the art of Boudoir Photography. Let me show you the Goddess you’ve been hiding inside you all this time.

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I am not here to just take pictures of you. I am here to capture you, in the moment. Make you feel as amazing as you are. I am here to help you create an experience and give you something you can treasure for a lifetime. After any session with me, you will leave feeling like you have made a new friend.

I want to show you, yourself in a new light. You are a queen and I want to make sure you never forget that. I am here to work with you, and together we will make something incredible!

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Welcome to Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio

Do you ever find yourself obsessively scrolling through the Instagram feeds filled with women who seem so… perfect? Now you’re sitting there comparing each and every part of you till you’re just feeling inadequate.

Or maybe you’re thumbing thru magazines or catching a couple commercials on tv about the latest diet or fashion trend and you find yourself wishing to appear exactly as they do. Allow us to pop this bubble of toxic thoughts that you’ve got in your head! 

Society and social media has forced us to feel inadequate these days. It has forced us to hate our beautiful stretch marks, scars, and skin that could tell stories. It has forced women to pick apart every single part of their bodies, when we should be celebrating them! When you think of doing a boudoir photoshoot, what comes to mind? Do you think “I need to lose weight first” or “I don’t have the body for that”? I hear that all the time, but let me tell you something…


boudoir photography CT

Embracing Imperfections with CT Boudoir Photography

Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio’s mission is not only to show you that you’re beautiful, but to make you believe it as well. We think REAL is sexy here and we want you to experience something like never before with our Connecticut photographer. 

Our all female skilled team consists of a brilliant photographer (amongst the most experienced photographers in Fairfield County CT), an amazing makeup artist and occasionally an instudio assistant to help out depending on what we are doing!  We use high grade cameras and flattering lighting so that the shadows hug your figure perfectly. We are trained specifically in boudoir photography, and how to make you feel sexy in your skin. We will help guide you through the entire process (including posing and facial expressions!) to ensure you have an incredible experience and love your photos.

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We are real, fun, people just like you! We want to get to know you before the shoot and make sure we work together so this experience will be life altering for you. We work with models, regular individuals, mothers-to-be, and couples looking for an intimate gift or for the experience to be photographed together. Our photographs draw a fine line between nudity and sexuality, and we compose pictures that are not only intimate and sensual, but also empowering. Our CT Boudoir Photography is one of a kind and sure to wow you.


Our photographer is friendly and passionate, you’ll find yourself getting comfortable with her in a matter of minutes. She is an expert at helping you feel comfortable with every part of the process, which makes everything much smoother and brings out your inner radiance!


Our studio is private and includes multiple settings such as a bed dawned in satin sheets, bathtub, candle covered fireplace as well as our exclusive shower and cloud sets. Got something specific in mind? Let us know, our boudoir photographers CT experts love getting creative! From studio sessions to outdoor sessions at a waterfall, we want to make your boudoir dreams come true. We even have an extensive inclusive client closet that is forever growing (we may be a little addicted to lingerie and accessories!) ranging in sizes from XS to 4X. We thrive off of helping women ‘flip the switch’ and embracing their body and empowerment.

 Nervous about what the experience will be like? We totally understand! This is why we require a “meet and greet” phone call prior to your session, to get to know each other and go over the process and outcomes in great detail. Still nervous? Come in for a physical meet and greet. Come check out the studio, get to know your photographer in person! We want you to be comfortable and confident in our studio so we take all steps to ensure your experience is perfect! Located out of state? We offer boudoir photography MA and RI services as well!

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Love Yourself Again

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We are personally tired of all these beauty standards and are an active advocate for body positivity. Boudie Calls’ mission is to empower and transform the face of “beautiful” permanently by making every woman feel like a goddess. Our boudoir photography CT services do just this and we enjoy empowering you! Through our photography, women can express themselves in ways that break all barriers of body-shaming and let your confidence shine.

Whether you want to make a bold statement on one of the social media platforms, create an intimate gift for your partner, or simply want to embrace your body by giving yourself the gift of confidence, our boudoir photography services are here for you! This Connecticut photographer will go out of her way to help you to embrace the incredible and sensual woman that you are!

photographers in Fairfield county ct

“Boudoir photographers do more than just show skin; they tell stories. Our Images do more than spark desire; they invoke empowerment”


Boudoir Photographer CT

Helping You Feel Closer to Yourself

We are not only skilled photographers, but also experts in bringing out confidence. It can be unnerving showing up for your first boudoir session, we get it and this is why we help you every step of the way. We will position you and help you find the perfect angles and lighting to accentuate your skin. Once you’re ready to begin your journey, we personally help you pose from head to toe, placing your hands and adjusting your head at the best angle.

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Once you’re comfortable with the position you’re in, we begin to take photos designed to highlight your finest features. After the first shot has been taken, we show it to you so you can see how gorgeous you look and address any concerns you may have! This works as a great confidence boost and is usually the part where you truly open up.

The rest of the photography journey becomes so much easier and natural to proceed with once you’ve seen how truly incredible you look from our view. We help you feel sexier thanks to the best photographers in Fairfield County CT.

Love notes...

CT Boudoir Photography

Couples Photo Shoot

boudoir photography ct

Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio also does couples photoshoots. We even offer to boudoir photography RI clients, so feel free to give us a call! Many couples have come to us to celebrate their love and feel closer to their partner with an intimate photoshoot. These professionally taken pictures can be a great way to enjoy a sultry and erotic photoshoot with your loved one and capture the passion within a forever photograph.

A boudoir couple shoot is the ideal way to capture a moment in time where you feel the closest to your partner. You can explore new levels of your relationship and give yourselves an invaluable gift that you can look back on and cherish. These intimate photographs will make sure that you never forget the passion and desire you felt and continue to feel towards each other. We are here to make sure that you receive the best possible service and experience the intimacy that comes with boudoir photography firsthand, and that you walk away with a gift you and your partner can enjoy forever.

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Maternity Photography CT

Apart from individual and couple boudoir shoots, we are also one of many maternity photography studios in CT. Sometimes as a woman goes through pregnancy, she forgets how beautiful she is. Women naturally have a glow when they are pregnant, and our boudoir photography wants to capture it. Boudoir maternity photography can be a way to get back that confidence and express yourself in ways you’ve never done before.


We offer services sure to make you appreciate your ‘mom bod’ again. We help you find the goddess within by showing you the raw, unedited beauty in yourself and the little bundle of joy that is growing inside. This can be a great way to see yourself in a new light, as equally sexy and sensual as you were prior to your pregnancy, but now in an entirely different way. Let our boudoir photographers CT  based show you how beautiful you truly are.

Contact us now to hear how maternity photography CT can change your life.

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call us when you need some boudie!

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Boudie Calls Boudoir Studio’s Iconic Duo is a mix of experienced photographers and skilled makeup artists! We are fun, empowering and the ultimate hype women! We have vast knowledge in boudoir photography and we do everything in our power to ensure our clients have a premium overall experience. Check out our client portfolio.

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Affordable Prices

This is an investment into yourself. When was the last time you truly invested into yourself, and did something just for you? Allow us to provide this experience for you at incredibly affordable prices. In a really tight spot? Don’t worry we also offer financing! Located out of the state? We even offer boudoir photography RI based!

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Safe and Secure

Don’t want anyone else to see your photos? You got it! We will never share your photos or sessions with anyone unless you give us permission to do so. Worried about someone seeing you during our session? Let your worries subside as we have our own entirely private studio, there is no accidental “walk ins” or peeking possible.

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Guided Experience

We give our clients a personalized experience by guiding them through every part of the photography process. We help clients choose their own wardrobe and advise them on how to pose from head to toe, ensuring the best end result. From individual, to couples, and maternity photography CT, we do it all! Ask us about our client wardrobe.

Experience yourself like NEVER before.

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